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About Us

Codeblue and our CEO Tom Giffney have been in business since 1997 providing high level healthcare training ranging from ACLS, APLS, PEARs, PALS, MIMMS, HMIMMS all over Ireland and internationally with our highly-experienced Instructors and Medical Directors. Codeblue has been providing Event Medical Support since 2010 to a range of Festival Promoters, Sporting Organisations, Corporate Clients, Nightclubs and more.

Our management team have over thirty years’ national and international experience in developing, organising and delivering a wide selection of accredited Healthcare training programmes & event medical services. We work extensively with healthcare organisations to provide world class training to hospital Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other allied healthcare personnel. This collaboration has enabled Codeblue to establish and develop into a leading event medical support service by using a highly trained and experienced group of pre-hospital emergency care professionals.


Codeblue Training Centre

Simulation Training Centre

Our purpose built training centre has been designed to deliver a variety of courses such as ACLS, PALS, APLS, PEARS, MIMMS, HMIMMS, PHTLS and more, so that our students experience realistic clinical scenarios which will enhance their clinical skills and experience in training. With over 40 car spaces available for our candidates and additional spaces when required we can accommodate small and larger courses throughout the year. Our training centre is located within minutes of both the Luas stop, Dublin bus, M50 and Irish Rail.


Lecture Theatre

At our Simulation Training Centre, our Lecture theatre can accommodate up to 50 candidates for lectures and built in apple tv for use with our iSimulate monitors for group learning, We also have integrated both hi-spec Audio throughout and our 90Inche TV. With a built in audio induction loop for candidates with hard of hearing. Our lecture room is a comfortable relaxing theatre to learn your skills from our experienced Medical Directors and Instructors.

Simulation Rooms

We have six purpose built glass simulation rooms, In each room we have a Resus Bed, iSimulate Monitor which can be shared to our in room TV for each candidate to view the monitor. We have built in Hospital trunking with Oxygen outlets, Suction devices, IV Syringe drivers, Oxylog Ventilators, Danicentres, Whiteboards for scribing and cardiac arrest trolleys. Our manikins we use in each simulation room differs per course, We use a range of manikins from Laerdal full body ALS Manikins, Trucorp Manikins and Gaumed High Fidelity Manikins all our manikins come in Adult, Child, Pead & Neonate. Our training centre also has additional equipment you would see pre-hospital including combi-carriers, spinal boards, orthopaedic stretchers, pelvic binders, Pre-Hospital ultrasound and more.

Student Canteen

Our student canteen is a relaxed environment for students to sit and enjoy our facilities, catering, tea & coffee. We also have an onsite Oven & Microwave for use by candidates and a fridge. We can accommodate any food requests/allergies or intolerance. We have a small workspace area for candidates wishing to work on their breaks or check emails. We do provide a range of pastries, breakfast cereal, cakes & snacks, Tea, Herbal Tea & Coffee, Sandwiches and Soup for a selection of our courses, You will be notified prior to attending a course of catering provided.


Codeblue instructors are drawn from ED, ICU, CCU, EMS and resuscitation-training. They come from an Irish healthcare setting and all remain in day-to-day clinical practice, where they regularly train and carry out these skills.

They are friendly, professional and highly-experienced educators who are regarded as experts in their field and with a proven ability to teach, they will ensure that students get the most out of their learning experience.

Event Medical Personnel

Codeblue is a PHECC registered CPG accredited organisation to provide PHECC Practitioners up to and including Advanced Paramedic Level. Codeblue also provide high-level healthcare practitioners from Consultants in both Emergency Medicine & Anaesthetists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Emergency department nurses. Codeblue is fully owned and operated Irish company providing highly experienced Pre-Hospital professionals within the Irish Healthcare system.

Our personnel are registered with their relevant professional body (PHECC, Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) and appear on a permanent Irish register enabling them to legally practice and recommend and administer appropriate medications in Ireland. They carry the appropriate level of professional indemnity and malpractice insurance and all are fully compliant under Irish law to provide these services. At Codeblue we have a fleet of Emergency Ambulances, Rapid Response 4×4 Jeeps, Rapid Response Cars, Stretcher capable golf buggy, Command & Control Vehicle, Mobile Treatment Trailers, Logistic Trucks & Vans. We carry the latest in pre-hospital ultrasound, Oxylog 3000 Ventilators, Cardiac Arrest Trolleys and capacity to build a fully working hospital in 12hrs with capacity for 6 bay resus and 20+ bed Minor/Major Ward. We also work with external partners for x-ray capability onsite at festivals.

Administration & Logistics

Our administration and logistics team ensures a smooth delivery of service to our training and event clients. All paperwork and booking queries are handled by our team of full-time managers, administrative, logistics team and account staff.

Our Team have many years of experiences as Accountants, Debt & Credit Control, Logistic supply chain, Corporate and NGO Administration & Management.


Codeblue clients include, large public and private hospitals, universities & schools, professional regulators, multinational companies, international event promoters, national sporting organisations, Nightclubs, Tech & Pharma Industry, Construction & Data Centre Industries, private clinics and individual practitioners.

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