APLS 2-Day preparation area

For directions to the course venue and tips for completing the course, visit our FAQ.

Sample APLS Course Programme Sep 2014 (subject to change).

ALSG Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

  • Start here
  • Mandatory – takes 4+ hours to complete
  • Your ENROLMENT KEY is in your welcome letter/email when your place is confirmed
  • Technical support for ALSG VLE issues is through ALSG here

You MUST complete the VLE tutorials and quizzes BEFORE attending the face-to-face component with Codeblue.

We highly recommend you start this at least 2 weeks before the course. Don’t register and log in for the first time on the friday/weekend before the course – you won’t have time to get technical support from ALSG.

Code Blue do NOT provide technical support for this online course.