Event Personnel

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Code Blue event personnel are front-line healthcare professionals with extensive experience in pre-hospital and event medical care. They are all registered with the appropriate professional body (PHECC, Medical Council, An Bord Altranais) and carry the appropriate level of professional indemnity and malpractice insurance.

We use only front-line staff from Emergency Departments, General Practice and 999 Ambulance services. This ensures staff are clinically up-to-date and properly certified in emergency care with BLS, ACLS, ATLS, APLS, MIMMS etc.

Our front-line staff deal with emergencies on a day-to-day basis – medical, trauma, paediatric, obstetric – and have extensive experience of working together under pressure in a well-drilled command & control structure.

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doctor75Code Blue doctors are experienced pre-hospital providers, drawn from Emergency Medicine and General Practice. Some events will require specialist skills such as Sports and Exercise Medicine, Occupational Medicine or Paediatrics. Code Blue doctors provide essential on-site treatment and discharge services.

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nurse75Specialist ED nurses provide the capability for ongoing treatment and monitoring of patients at the event site. Code Blue nurses operate our field hospital and satellite treatment facilities (eg festival campsites).

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staroflife75PHECC-registered Code Blue personnel provide on-scene assessment, emergency treatment and safe transport to acutely ill patients. All personnel are full-time practitioners with a pre-hospital experience. The Code Blue team work together on a regular basis and are comfortable with our own procedures.

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