Event Planning

Tom Giffney has extensive experience in the pre-hospital and event cover field. Tom is certified in Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS), the industry standard qualification for disaster preparedness. Tom has over 27 years experience with the Dublin Fire Brigade as senior officer, managing numerous major public incidents during that time.

HSE Emergency Planning guidance

The HSE Emergency Planning Officer published guidance for the development of event medical plans in 2013. This is a comprehensive set of recommendations and rules for event promoters of large/licensed events regarding the medical cover (personnel, equipment, vehicles, capabilities, readiness) present at an event. Code Blue have had extensive experience and consultation with the Regional HSE Emergency Planning Offices in the preparation of fully-compliant medical plans for large concerts and sports event in 2013.






CodeBlue have extensive connections among the Emergency Departments, Statutory Ambulance Services, Voluntary Ambulance Services and Emergency Planning Regulators. We ensure a seamless integration for patients and event promoters by involving these parties closely in the planning process.

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Readiness for Major Medical Incidents is vital for any mass public gathering. Code Blue run regular MIMMS Training Courses in Ireland, taught by Tom and a group of expert instructors from Ireland and UK and certified by the Advanced Life Support Group (UK)



There is no substitute for real experience. We will conduct a thorough assessment of the event risk profile, using internationally-recognised guidance and our own local knowledge. Code Blue will visit your event site, walk the ground and advise on the suitability of access and egress routes, medical stations and control facilities.

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Event promoters, contact Tom to discuss your specific medical support requirements. Contact us>>>