Sports Events

Code Blue provide medical services to both the participants and the spectators. Our experts in sports medicine can assess and manage on-field injuries and advise on return-to-play decisions or liaise with clinics/hospitals regarding further treatment.

Spectators are looked after by an experienced team of paramedics, nurses and doctors (depending on the scale of the event), using up-to-date equipment and supported by voluntary and statutory ambulance services.

Our experience includes: Great Ireland Run (see case study below), Samsung Night Run, Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, National Hockey Championships and more…

Medical Centre

TreatmentGaryCian75Code Blue medical centres are fully-equipped and staffed by ED physicians and specialist ED nurses, allowing on-site treatment and discharge of a range of injuries and medical conditions.


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Pitch Crew

EventsRugby75Code Blue provide a team of Paramedics to support team doctors/physios in the safe and efficient removal of injured players from the field of play. Our team have received extra training and practice under the supervision of experts in Sports Medicine and management of spinal injuries.

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Hospital Transfer

eventsAmbulance75Code Blue adhere strictly to the PHECC standards for patient transfer. Our ambulances are staffed by experienced paramedics, with full capability to implement CPGs and support medical staff with advanced interventions.

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Case Study: The Great Ireland Run, Phoenix Park Dublin

Code Blue were contracted by NOVA International to provide medical supoort services to 8000 participants (600 children) and a similar number of spectators at the annual Great Ireland Run in the Phoenix Park. Following close liaison with organisers, the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps, an Garda Siochana and the HSE, Code Blue provided

  • Personnel Vehicles PhilSite Medical Officer (doctor)
  • Specialist Emergency nurse
  • Paramedic controller
  • Advanced Paramedic (motorbike)
  • Paramedic (motorbike)
  • 2 x CEN certified 1789/2000 (Cat B) Emergency Ambulances (fully equipped) and staffed by 2 approved PHECC-registered Paramedics
  • Event liaison officer

In total, 50 patients were treated by Code Blue with a variety of presentations, ranging from simple cuts and sprains to exhaustion and heat stroke. 3 patients were transferred to local acute hospitals.

“The Great Ireland Run has been staged in the Phoenix Park for 10 years, and uses Code Blue for the provision of medical services, vehicles and personnel. They have been an invaluable asset in helping us to plan and stage the run, and ensure that we have appropriate medical care on hand for all our participants. We look forward to growing the event in the future with the support of the Code Blue team.” Nigel Gough. Operations Manager, NOVA International.