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Codeblue Medical ensures that you receive the most professional and skilled event medical cover available.


– Event Medical Services
– Advisory & Strategic Planning
– Set Medics (Film & TV)
– Custom Critical Care Solutions
– On-Site Medical Hospital
– Mobile Medical Solutions
– Emergency Ambulances
– Mobile Treatment Trailers
– Rapid Response Cars
– Rapid Response 4x4s
– Incident Response Command Vehicle
– Mobile X-Ray Unit

– Advanced Paramedics
– Paramedics
– Emergency Medical Technicians
– Consultant Doctors in Emergency Medicine
– Consultant Anaesthetists
– Advanced Nurse Practitioners
– Emergency Department Nurses
– Radio Controllers
– Radio Dispatchers
– Radiographers


Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

We provide a complete suite of medical support services, covering everything from planning to risk assessment; from the provision of a fully equipped, eight-bay resuscitation field hospital and emergency ambulances to the services of a lone EMT.

Number of Sporting and Social Events Covered

Number of Concerts and Festivals Covered

Number of Staff and Spectators Present at these Events

Number of Patients Treated at these Events

Bespoke Critical Care Services

Codeblue provides critical care solutions & Mobile Field Hospitals tailored to your event needs. Our team of highly experienced Emergency Medicine Consultant doctors, Emergency Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Advanced paramedics, Paramedics are available for high-risk events anywhere in Ireland.

Our critical care event services include the provision of Codeblue Medical’s emergency ambulances, critical care cars & Jeeps and all medical equipment. All our Critical Care Doctors come equipped with:

– Ventilators

– 12 Lead ECG/Patient Monitors

– RSI Medications

– Lucas CPR Devices

– X-Ray Facility (If Required)

– Portable Ultrasound

– Blood Anaylsers

– Full Advanced Life Support Medication / Advanced pain relief

– Pre-Hospital and in-hospital Emergency Department equipment & Medication.

– 8 Bay Resuscitation Field Hospital

– Minors / ENT / Suturing / Plaster of Paris 

Our Paramedics & Medical Team can provide care for high risk, life-threatening injuries which is why they are essential for high-risk events. Our critical care event clients include motorsport organisers, Festivals & Outdoor Concerts, Sporting Events, Major Film & TV and more.

Having our range of equipment, medication and trained staff allows our medical team to safely treat and carry out on-site interventions resulting in increased discharge levels at these events. This alleviates the pressure on the statutory ambulance service, busy emergency departments and event promoters. We encourage our clients to inspect this equipment and our facilities prior to engaging our services on any event.


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Events Department:

Events & Clinical Services Manager
Paul Knoesen – AP

Codeblue UK:


Codeblue is a fully owned and operated Irish company providing experienced Irish based Healthcare professionals familiar with the Irish Healthcare system.

Our personnel are registered with their relevant professional body (PHECC, Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) and appear on a permanent Irish register enabling them to legally practice and recommend and administer appropriate medications in Ireland. They carry the appropriate level of professional indemnity and malpractice insurance and all are fully compliant under Irish law to provide these services.

  • We use front-line staff from Emergency Departments, General Practice and the Statutory Emergency Ambulance Services (112/999). This ensures our personnel are clinically up-to-date and properly certified in emergency care with BLS, ACLS, ATLS, APLS, PALS, PEARS, MIMMS, HMIMMS.

  • Our front-line staff deal with emergencies on a day-to-day basis (medical, trauma, paediatric, obstetric) and have extensive experience of working together under pressure in a well-drilled command & control structure.

What we provide


Our extensive experience training and working with frontline emergency consultants, doctors, nurses and emergency services personnel across Ireland, made it possible for us to deliver a comprehensive range of cost effective medical support services to many of the largest mass gathering events held in this country. Thousands of event attendees each year receive expert on-site medical attention from Codeblue medical personnel. Our  Medical Director provides medical oversight to ensure best practice and continuity of care at all of our events.

Proven Communication Structure

We provide certified on-site medical controllers, experienced in dispatching statutory emergency service personnel, vehicles and resources throughout Ireland. Using a Codeblue Medical Co-ordinator and Medical Controller avoids confusion among the medical support providers and event organisers. This cost effective approach saves time and maximises effective communication, ultimately facilitating rapid deployment to incidents and hospitals, enhancing patient safety.

Dedicated Point of Contact

We provide a 24hr contact person for the pre-planning, implementation and post-event phases of the contract. All the key stakeholders can contact us via a designated telephone number used specifically for this purpose.

Emergency Care Personnel

We provide discipline-specific co-ordinators to source the most experienced emergency care personnel available. These co-ordinators are experienced practitioners, familiar with the professional standards and work practices required to perform to the highest level on these events. We only engage doctors, nurses and statutory emergency ambulance service personnel who routinely respond to medical and traumatic emergencies such as cardiac arrests, head and spinal injuries, allergic reactions, seizures and overdoses. They are experienced in providing this level of pre-hospital medical support to events throughout Ireland.


Codeblue operates a sign-in policy on all events to verify the profession, grade and relevant registration numbers of all emergency medical personnel working at the event. The policy can be used to validate their attendance and ensure the customer receives the agreed and contracted level of cover they requested.

A Codeblue Patient Care Report (PCR), a PHECC Ambulatory Care Report (ACR) or a Patient Care Report (PCR) whichever is applicable will be completed for each patient ill or injured at the event. The promoter will be provided with a data sensitive report outlining the number of patients treated, their patient reference numbers, including their treatment and outcome at the end of the event.

Management of Support Services

We team up with the voluntary first aid and ambulance services to provide the overall clinical lead delivering an exclusive, seamless approach in providing professional medical support services throughout Ireland. These joint arrangements allows greater flexibility and avoid duplication of personnel, vehicles and resources, whilst maintaining a clear command and control structure at all events. Event promoters have the benefit of dealing with a single service provider to organise the medical cover on these events.

Statutory Body Liasion

We provide early engagement with the hospital emergency departments, statutory emergency ambulance services and other licensing authorities to obtain prior approval of the medical plan and discuss the range and experience of the medical team, including the resources and equipment we propose to provide at the event.

Field Mobile Equipment

Our doctors, nurses and paramedics are equipped with standardised emergency response bags. Our four wheel drive emergency response vehicle and motorbikes are equipped with portable AEDs and the full range of specialised medical and trauma equipment to transport our medical team to off-road incidents. Transport off scene is provided by Codeblue emergency transport ambulances staffed by PHECC registered statutory ambulance service paramedics.


The Codeblue Medical Support Team is up-to-date with clinical interventions such as ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Paediatric Advanced Life Support) and MIMMS (Major Incident Medical Management). It is not our practice to engage agency nursing staff or other non-statutory private ambulance service personnel. Codeblue are an approved Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) service provider, authorised to implement their Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG’s) for advanced paramedics, paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

Back Office Support

Our administrative and logistical support team provides a full-time seven day nationwide customer service from our head office and training centre in Glasnevin.

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Event Services

Solo Paramedic

Small events may simply require cover by a single paramedic. Codeblue paramedics are all PHECC-registered front-line emergency service professionals, using a standardised, fully-stocked medical kit provided by Codeblue. Our paramedics can manage medical, trauma, obstetric and paediatric emergencies on scene and will liaise with voluntary first aid organisations and statutory ambulance services, when necessary. Codeblue paramedics are punctual and professional, clearly-identifiable in custom high-visibility jackets.

Integrated clinical team

Our team of nurses and doctors are highly-experienced in emergency and event care. They integrate seamlessly with the paramedics’ command and control structure providing expert diagnostic opinion and advanced treatment on-site. All staff work in Irish emergency departments and are fully-registered with Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland and the Irish Medical Council.

Paramedic Team with Controller

A medium-sized mass gathering may require a team of paramedics stationed at multiple points around the event location. Codeblue paramedics are co-ordinated by an experienced controller who will liaise with event promoters, security, Gardaí and voluntary first aid organisations. Transport off scene is provided by Codeblue emergency transport ambulances staffed by PHECC registered statutory ambulance service paramedics.

A custom-tailored package

Paul Knoesen our Events & Clinical Services Manager or Kevin O’Brien our General Manager will meet with promoters, health & safety officers and venue managers to determine the optimum requirements for your event. These decisions will be based on national standards and international best-evidence for event safety and clinical management. We will liaise with HSE Planners, Statutory Ambulance Services, local hospitals and Voluntary First Aid Organisations to ensure and seamless chain of emergency care.

Fully-equipped field hospital

For large events over multiple days, a full field hospital may be required. Codeblue provide a fully-equipped medical centre, staffed 24 hours by ED nurses and ED doctors (including ED consultant specialists, where required). Field hospital capabilities include…

  • Resuscitation of seriously injured/collapsed patients
  • Assessment and management of medical/surgical emergencies
  • Assessment and management of paediatric emergencies
  • Minor injury assessment and treatment
  • Monitoring of intoxicated/exhausted patients

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